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Elastic cord strap with hand-stitched cowhide ends, with OP system

Doesn't contain any metal parts, that way it doesn't scratch your camera.

Alça em cordão elástico com terminais em pele de vaca cosidos à mão, com sistema de ligação OP

Não contém qualquer parte de metal, de modo a que não risque a sua câmera.

Length: 70 cm
Comprimento: 70cm

Fernando Guerra's favourite straps for mirrorless cameras
As alças preferidas de Fernando Guerra para máquinas sem espelho

  • Note:

    The leather used for this product is a high-quality natural material. Irregularities in color and surface structure are due to the leather’s natural finish and should be regarded as a quality feature while also underlining its natural origin. Exposure to direct and intense sunlight may cause its colour to lighten slightly during the course of time. This is also natural and unavoidable.

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