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70,00 €Price

Lens insert (already included when you order a gobba bag or a cinecitta tote bag)

It is built to keep your camera gear and other fragile equipment safe and secure.

And it's designed to fit perfectly inside our Gobbas and Cinecittas.


Insert para lentes. (já incluído na encomenda de uma gobba ou cinecitta)

Criado para manter os equipamentos da sua camâra e outros objectos frágeis seguros.

Foi também desenhado para encaixar perfeitamente dentro das nossas Gobbas ou Cinecittas.





  • Note:

    The leather used for this product is a high-quality natural material. Irregularities in color and surface structure are due to the leather’s natural finish and should be regarded as a quality feature while also underlining its natural origin. Exposure to direct and intense sunlight may cause its colour to lighten slightly during the course of time. This is also natural and unavoidable.

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