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120,00 €Price

Natural leather and canvas roll for 4 watches, velvet lined. Can fit up to four watches and is perfect for heavy duty travel. The rolls are handmade, hand-stitched and are made of natural leather and tough canvas, while the soft velvet interior offers extra cushioning for your watches. Simply place your watches in the appropriate slot, fold the top half down over the watches, roll and loop the cord to secure.

Leather: Black
Canvas: Black
Lined velvet
  • Note

    It may contains some irregularities blemishes and scars proper of a skin without treatment. Please note that unevenness and cracks on the surface of the bag are to be considered part of its texture. Color variation and minor markings, are characteristic of vegetable tan natural leather. It starts as a pale pink and tans over time and exposure to a dark honey color. As each year passes, the leather will acquire a rich and beautiful patina that has a wealth of charm and character all of its own.

  • Note:

    The leather used for this product is a high-quality natural material. Irregularities in color and surface structure are due to the leather’s natural finish and should be regarded as a quality feature while also underlining its natural origin. Exposure to direct and intense sunlight may cause its colour to lighten slightly during the course of time. This is also natural and unavoidable.

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